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Essential Driver Training (EDT) is a Legal training course teaching learner drivers the fundamental driving skills to be safe on Irish roads. Learner Drivers by law must complete 12 one hour lessons before they can apply for RSA State driving test. The R.S.A. (Road Safety Authority) recommends that EDT Lessons 1-12 should be spread out over the first 6 months of your new learner permit. easyDrive offer driving lessons with no location not covered. We provide the best EDT lessons at prices other driving schools charge double. easyDrive have most experienced Driving Instructors out there with up to 20 years teaching. Spend your money wisely and see why our students on facebook pass first time.


The Best way to plan EDT

If you are a first time learner driver with own your own car the we will show you the best way for you to plan each of the 12 edt lessons so it saves you money overall.

In sinmple terms, your first driving lesson is really about being able to move off and stop safely! If feel that you can stop safely after you have completed your first edt lesson in with your RSA adi approved driving instructor, Then practise moving off and stopping until you are an untill you have reached a highe standard! Your sponsor driver will help you achieve the final outcomes of the lesson.

Did you Know that you cannot sit a driving test until 6 months from the date of issue of your learner permit? This is to allow you sufficient Driving practice time so that you are able to take a driving test and not be dissapointed!

If you take your edt lessons to close together then you will end up taking double the lessons than you actually needed.

Did you know the (RSA) Road Safety Authority recommended that you complete 3-5 hours of practice between each EDT lessons?
We recomend that you be 100% sure of each module before you take your next lesson. Some people maybe great after 3-5 hours and others may take longer. People learn at different rates and some people may need extra help from an adi instructor. To take lessons in your own car, please make sure car is legal and safe and your tyres are legal.

So what if you are a first time learner driver and don't own your own car?

We recommended that you take one EDT lesson in city every two or three weeks or when you are ready. In between each EDT lesson take as many hours driving practise with your adi driving instructor. You need to be an expert at the module you're covering with your adi approved driving instructor to be able to pass a driving test.

Overall you will need the legally required 6 months of driving practice to be happy on driving test day.


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Learn To Drive

Driver Theory Test, Learner permit, Essential Driver Training, automatic or manual driving lessons? easyDrive driving school offer you a wealth of teaching experience and we will provide you with the best Driving Lessons

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Pre test

99% First Time Pass Rate! Our Pre test lessons have a very impressive Driving test pass rate for driving test centers - Finglas, Raheny, Rathgar, and Tallaght. Our expert pre test instructor has an unmatched record for first time driving test success. Other Schools may cliam to have good success but can they prove it. We wont fail you at easyDrive Driving School.

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Pass Promise

Driving test comming up? In the unlikely event that you fail your driving test, easyDrive will pay for your driving test fee untill you do pass! Guaranteed only from easyDrive Driving School. Thats how confident we are at our teaching profession.

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Test Centers

final checks before taking your test. We have the record from taking our students from lesson one to the driving test center doors and out the other side with a PASS.