Pre Test Course

Pre Test Lessons

This course has an unrivalled Pretest test success rate. We are the experts for pre - test Pretest lessons & courses in North and South Dublin Great Pre-Test Pretest lessons, covering all Pretest test routes in Dublin Pretest test centres. You are guaranteed the most professional instruction available from your ADI Pretest Instructor. Previous results show that people starting from your local Pretest test centre have better success. It costs €170 to Fail your test for the second time. Most people fail more than 3 times due to lack of preparation and understanding of whats needed.

Our Students pass the FIRST TIME.

This Pre Test Course is 6hrs and boasts a 99% pass rate

When booking this course please call about 3 days in advance of prefered date or we may only be able to complete fewer pre test lessons.


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Session 1

  • Explanation of how the test will be conducted.
  • Vehicle engine and secondary checks.
  • Theory questions & Rules of the road.
  • Correct vehicle control with focus on coasting / gears / brakes / steering.
  • Two differnt types of Junction to the left & right with focus on position / observation / 

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Session 2

  • Dealing with hazzards / clearance - with focus on overtaking /right of way/ anticapation / correct speeds to suit the condition.
  • Manoeuvres – i.e. reversing around corner / turnabout / hill start


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session 3

Cross roads / roundabouts / mini roundabouts / changing lane with focus on position / observation / progress.

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session 4

Mock Pretest test!!
In the last hour you will take a Pretest test with our pre test expert instructor. Our expert Pretest instructor will take the role as the tester, taking you through the entire process of the the test. The test will start with questions on the rules of the road, Road signs, the vehicle technical check and vehicles secondary controls. Then we will drive for the duration of the Pretest test on actual Pretest test route while the instructor will be watching for mistakes. The mistakes made will be recorded on a Pretest test paper and then explained fully on finish. On completion of this course you will have a good understanding of each phase; you will feel sure and confident leaving no doubts of the test while passing with ease.